• Full spectrum assessment and business case oriented protective planning

  • System Configurations including Internet of things (IOT), mobile device, laptop, Internet security, data integrity verifications, anti-virus, anti-malware

  • Remediation solutions for malware or virus infected systems

  • On-Call, On-demand services available via email, text message

  • On-location response while on travel, at home, or at your place of business

  • Tailored solutions to individual’s business case by working closely with business IT personnel

  • Custom fabrication for secure systems tailored for at-risk travel for Yachts, planes, or hotels 

  • Bifurcate family business from business or investment operations

  • Protect at home business operations from social media vulnerabilities

  • Protect family mobile devices from eavesdropping

  • Provide protective resources and education for at-risk travel situations

  • Coordinate enhanced physical and cyber security for travel

  • Provide Social Media protective education resources

  • Social media privacy settings

  • Protect and suppress Personal Identifiable Information

  • Credit and Identity theft protections

  • Stolen credit/Stolen Identity remediation

  • Home network setup and protections



  • Remove your personal information from the Internet

  • Identification of current or potential blackmail actor

  • Hacking attempt investigation

  • Website defacement removal

  • Deepweb/Darknet Personal Information identification and remediation

  • Information security leadership and mitigating strategies coaching

  • Brand/reputation management & restoration

  • Work with Law Enforcement to provide forensics case file information for identifying assets used in hacking or harassment activities

Are you ready to secure and protect your hard-earned business and reputation?

Our communications and operations with customers are carried out with the utmost discretion; specialized communication systems used to provide on-call, secure communications between SIXGEN personnel and clients. We will never provide public release of client information or our relationships. So, go ahead drop us a line or give us a call.



We are here to help you meet your cybersecurity needs.

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