Escaping Restricted Environments and Bypassing DLP I recently completed a “Purple Team” engagement (where a Red team works with a Blue team to demonstrate techniques and develop detections for them). In the initial stages of the assessment, I was issued an employee laptop with the standard corporate image. I was given an overview of the network rules in place, which included proxy and inspection of all outbound traffic. Sure enough, after copying over my favorite Remote Administration Tool (Pupy), HTTPS command and control (C2) wasn’t working. The proxy required authentication, so my rogue Pupy binary was unable to authenticate and escape the network through the proxy. Looking for another w

Ethan Dietrich, CEO Named 2019 DCA CyberStar

The Washington, DC region is home to dozens of companies engaging in National missions, innovating technologies, and solving some of the biggest issues facing our Federal government, National security, small businesses, and consumers. DCA LIVE recently compiled a list of 40 individuals from the “cyber growth” community – the founders, investors, executives and connectors who are driving growth in our cyber industry. We are excited to announce that Ethan Dietrich, SIXGEN CEO, has been included on this year's list. Nominated by leaders from the local tech community and selected because of the positive difference he has made, Ethan will represent SIXGEN as a 2019 DCA CyberStar. In accepting thi

SIXGEN Supports Family Cyber Safety via Child Protection Task Force

As social media, gaming, and online interactions expand to users of all ages, so do the dangers associated with the use of such technologies. Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to cyberbullying, privacy/information breaches, and predatory behavior initiated and carried out in cyberspace. In today’s world of online predators, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking, it is imperative that parents and teachers become educated and remain vigilant when it comes to their children’s online activities. Education, awareness, and open dialog within families and communities are key components to this effort, but they are merely the beginning of comprehensive strategies required to both p


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