Career choices are not about checking boxes. They are about interest, vision, and navigating a path to tomorrow through the challenges you take on today. 



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In addition to providing good working conditions, competitive pay, innovative equipment, and challenging missions, SIXGEN offers supplemental benefits to all eligible employees. Each benefit program has been carefully devised, and is evaluated periodically and adjusted if needed to better meet the needs of our highly valued workforce. Benefits include time-off benefits, such as PTO and holidays, as well as insurance and other plan benefits and considerations that represent our understanding of both individual and family needs.


We know how hard employees work and recognize the importance of providing time for rest and relaxation. All full-time employees are eligible to accrue three (3) weeks of Paid Time Off (PTO) in addition to eight (8) paid observed holidays.


SIXGEN allows time to be flexed across the pay period to encourage work-life balance. So, if you want to work 10 hours one day to work 6 the next, you can. So, go ahead! Volunteer! Get an oil change during the week! Just make up the time within the two week pay period.


SixGen pays 100% of premiums for single and family employees' health, vision, and dental plans. HRA funds are also made available to each employee for approved purchases including medications, procedures, and equipment/appliances.


SixGen aids our employees in securing the future with up to 3.5% company match of 401K contributions, and a manager in place to provide quality fund classes and more diverse options. In addition, SixGen reflects our "hard work pays off" attitude in an Employee Stock Plan, so your benefit grows with the company.


With terms in place for parental leave, jury duty leave, military leave, and voting leave, you will have peace of mind as you tend to the things that matter in life--your family and your country.  


SixGen supports training, education, and professional development requests in a range of skill areas. From DEFCON to IITSEC, to annual certifications, SixGen will support your desires to get to the top of your game--and stay there.