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SIXGEN Formalizes Manufacturing and Supply Chain Integrity of RAVEN Cybersecurity Flyaway Kit

SIXGEN has cracked the code on meaningful and innovative ways to support the cyber mission. The Annapolis, MD-based company's workforce provides incident response, operational testing, red teaming, tool development, and continuous monitoring. Specialized on-site and remote assessments are used to identify vulnerabilities within the most critical networks. SIXGEN leads cybersecurity innovation in product development by designing and evolving highly specialized hardware and software focused on Endpoint Detection and Response, Red Team, Data Science, and Threat Intelligence missions.

SIXGEN recently formalized manufacturing and distribution of the Remote Access Vulnerability Exploitation Node (RAVEN) flyaway kit. RAVEN (formerly called MACO in previous design implementations) is manufactured in partnership with Dell & FedData. It is a combined hardware and software platform for converged cybersecurity missions. Designed by cyber operations experts, the mobile centralized server is preconfigured with an attack, hunt and analytic platform. It offers full network auditing and is small and light enough to meet overhead bin size restrictions on all domestic flights. RAVEN supports various team sizes and can be customized with a suite of tools to support offensive and defensive missions. Its powerful design supports highly intensive computing tasks like password/hash cracking and machine learning algorithms.

Ryan Duff, Director of Cybersecurity Products at SIXGEN, offers “RAVEN is a demonstration of novel engineering capability through our internal research and development program. The platform, including its hardware and software, have undergone continuous design, development, and deployment. With each deployment, the development team has pushed the bounds of better, faster, and smaller in order to pack ultimate power and capability into a portable package. We’ve also added trusted DELL manufacturing and secure supply chain integrity into the mix. If anyone is running an advanced cybersecurity operations team, this solution is very likely to outperform the kit have in play today, and can even integrate with existing hardware if needed.”

RAVEN is available in two primary form-factors--RAVEN, which weighs in at about 40 pounds and its smaller counterpart, RAVEN Mini, which is about the size of a home router. Either hardware platform can be configured to support various team sizes, and is customized with a suite of tools to support offensive and defensive missions in on-premise or forward deployed architectures. It’s unique machine learning and artificial intelligence applications provide data collection and analysis at the edge of all activity and traffic the unit encounters.

The RAVEN platform is a necessary element for effective cybersecurity and Red Team operations in both advanced Government and DoD organizations and in the commercial industry for BUILD, OPERATIONS, AUDIT, and ANALYSIS capabilities. RAVEN embraces modularity and efficiency and may be used on pre-existing mobile or on-premise hardware platforms that are in use by cyber operations teams.

With every engagement having a completely new target landscape, RAVEN delivers a record of every action taken by your operators. With ultimate power, flexibility, scalability and mobility in mind, RAVEN has been designed with removable drives to support use in classified environments providing the critical tools your cyber mission teams need in a powerful but highly portable package.

Unique Benefits:

· Core development team is NSA Red Team Certified

· Integrated common COTS, GOTS, and FOSS solutions

· Significant computational power

· Streamlined collaboration features

· Up-to-date software libraries

· Security-enhancing disposable storage medium

· Secure distribution chain by FedData

· Trusted manufacturing by Dell

· Documented and ATO-approved (provisional)

· Aggregate data for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

· Covert Cover Option

Platform Features:


· Infrastructure as Code (laC)

· Software as a Service (SaaS)

· Automated Provisioning

· Rapid Scalability

· Account Management

· Offline Mirrored Repositories


· Centralized Authentication

· Team Management & Collaboration

· Customizable Mission-specific Toolset

· Supports Offensive/Red Team & Defensive/Hunt Team Operations


· System Monitoring

· Team Tracking

· Full Packet Capture

· Centralized Logging of Mission & System Data

· Audit-friendly presentation


· Automated Data Ingest

· Elasticsearch Stack

· Apache Spark Cluster

· Al/ML Enabled Querying & Analytics

· Visualization & Reporting

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