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SIXGEN Offers Leading Cyber Upskilling Platform, Hack The Box, on GSA Advantage

SIXGEN is an authorized Hack The Box reseller and exclusive provider of Hack The Box on GSA. Available products include Dedicated Labs, Pro Labs, Hacking Battlegrounds, Capture The Flag competitions, guided training and certifications with HTB Academy and Talent Search platform for cybersecurity professionals of all backgrounds and skill levels. GSA customers gain access to fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles to purchase products and services. As a GSA-approved vendor with GSA-approved Hack The Box license pricing, our rates have already been determined by the GSA to be the best value to you.

By ordering Hack The Box via GSA, you get:

● Savings (pre-negotiated best value rates)

● Flexibility and choice (purchase direct from vendor with no competition or RFQ)

● Shorter lead time (no requirement to post to FBO or seek competition)

● Transparency (Immediate access to pricing without proposals)

● Control of the procurement (Write SOW and purchase services to meet needs)

● Lower administrative costs

Hack The Box is a leading online gamified cybersecurity upskilling, certification and talent assessment platform that allows individuals, businesses, government organizations, and universities to level up their offensive and defensive security skills. Since launching in 2017, Hack

The Box has brought together a global community of more than 1.7 million platform members, and has built a portfolio of more than 1,500 enterprises, government, and university customers that utilize Hack The Box’s hands-on, self-paced, and gamified learning environment to take their

cybersecurity skills to the next level. With constantly updated virtual labs, real-world scenarios simulation, CTF-style challenges, and multiplayer hacking games, Hack The Box is the reference point for all cybersecurity professionals.

In addition to being a reseller, SIXGEN supports Hack The Box by using the platform in our CyberWorkforce Development Plan. The program engages, assesses, and upskills our operators as they support Red Team and Penetration Test missions across Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Territory networks as well as in commercial IT and IoT environments.

For more information, view the Catalog today.


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