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SIXGEN’s RAVEN - First Red Team Cyber Tool Suite Added to DoD Approved Product List

Annapolis, MD: SIXGEN’s Remote Access Vulnerability Exploitation Node (RAVEN) has been added to the Department of Defense Information Network’s (DoDIN) Approved Product List (APL), making RAVEN the first and only system of its kind to be approved.

RAVEN is currently the primary Cyber Red Team platform in use by multiple DoD-certified red teams. RAVEN‘s differentiators include:

  • Machine learning capabilities.

  • Library of offensive cyber tools.

  • Reliability built on Infrastructure-as-Code.

  • Automated enforcement of DoD STIGs (security technical implementation guidelines) to aid in compliance.

“RAVEN’s approval on the APL enables Cyber Teams throughout the DoD access to the latest software, tools, and capabilities through a hardware/software converged cyber solution. Simply, it is a game changer for the offensive cyber red teams,” said Ethan Dietrich, CEO SIXGEN.

What this means

The DoDIN Approved Product List is a US government consolidated list of tools and products to aid DoD organizations in procuring equipment and decision making to support their mission. In order to be on the DoDIN APL, each tool/product needs to meet cybersecurity and interoperation certification requirements. Currently, there is no other DoDIN APL Approved [Offense Oriented] Cyber Tool Suite on the market.

All products listed on the APL have already been evaluated by DISA Cybersecurity testers and approved for use, giving AO’s and network owners a sense of security when allowing new systems to connect to their networks. Now that RAVEN has been added to the APL, it will streamline the process from acquisition to ATO approval and rapidly decrease the time it takes cyber assessment teams to deploy RAVEN in support of their operational missions.

SIXGEN is very excited about this advancement and intends to expand RAVEN sales to commercial customers and the majority of certified Red Teams in CY23.


SIXGEN provides world-class cybersecurity services and products to protect government organizations and commercial industries. Our highly skilled operators conduct research and assessments based on real-world threats. We emulate global adversaries and malicious actors to report detailed and actionable findings on critical assets and infrastructures. Using innovative processes, tools, and advanced techniques, we predict and overcome cybersecurity vulnerabilities. SIXGEN prioritizes security best practice, customer requirements and privacy, and overall mission impact.


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