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Our team members include veterans from the world’s premier military, intelligence community and cybersecurity organizations. Our experienced cadre of technical SMEs provide solutions to the toughest challenges in cyberspace, space-based sensors and satellite operations. Our expert cyber operators have a wide range of skills, from conducting operations in support of our National Mission to protecting critical infrastructure and enhancing situational awareness through rapid data solutions. Our Space operations experts and engineers have supported various agency and service specific projects for  the Department of Defense (DoD) in the development of advanced sensors, payloads, and assured communications to support warfighter precision fires and national security space situational awareness


Veteran-founded and operated, SIXGEN has woven values such as honor and commitment into our culture and corporate fabric.  


SIXGEN enables agile secure mission success in cyberspace through a full spectrum of cyber solutions. Our success is predicated on our talented and experienced employees. We value all of our employees’ contributions to the organization! SixGen fosters a family atmosphere by working together as one with our employees, customers and industry partners. Our foundation for success is strengthened by an unwavering commitment to ethics and the continued pursuit of meaningful opportunities that align with technology development and cybersecurity innovation. As a company, we believe that cybersecurity is vital to the operational efficacy of all business, and critically important to all persons.


SIXGEN provides world-class cybersecurity services and products to protect government organizations and commercial industries. Our highly skilled operators conduct research and assessments based on real-world threats. We emulate global adversaries and malicious actors to report detailed and actionable findings on critical assets and infrastructures. Using innovative processes, tools, and advanced techniques, we predict and overcome cybersecurity vulnerabilities. SIXGEN prioritizes security best practice, customer requirements and privacy, and overall mission impact.




HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion Award



Government Contracting Company of the Year (Up to 50M)



Cybersecurity Defender of the

Year Winner

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Best Tech Startups in Annapolis

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