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Our real-world adversarial attack simulations assess and improve the effectiveness of your network safeguards. Our red teams' penetration tests uncover weaknesses before they can be exploited. Assessments result in timely reports.

• Vulnerability Scanning

• Phishing Assessment

• Wireless Assessment

• Web Application Assessment

• Operating System Security Assessment

• Database Assessment


SIXGEN uses a combination of programming languages,  data analysis and machine learning tools, and visualization aids to discover new and interesting  information derived from compiled data sets. SIXGEN uses this capability for advanced Threat Intelligence for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations, Intelligence Community agencies, and other organizations.


SIXGEN provides full-spectrum cyber operations and tools training to prepare a pipeline of cybersecurity professionals needed to protect and defend large-scale network operations. We provide critical needs to develop the highest levels of cyber talent.


Our approach to addressing the aftermath of a security breach (also known as an incident) limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.


  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Collect intrusion artifacts 

  • Provide expert technical support to defense technicians

  • Correlate incident data

  • Attempt to recover critical information loss


SIXGEN CNO programmers develop technologies to defend and exploit. We use agile methods to design, develop, test, and deploy hardware/software solutions. New tools resulting from R&D  include RAVEN mobile cyber kit, CRACKIN password cracking rig, and more.


Fast track your journey to CMMC compliance

Automate and satisfy most CMMC technical requirements.




SEA Level is an endpoint agent that configures system monitoring and enforces NIST controls required for operational cybersecurity hygiene and CMMC compliance.

The Remote Access Vulnerability Exploitation Node (RAVEN) is a high performance computing node and preconfigured software solutions that meet the mission needs of red team cyber operators and threat intelligence analysts.

SIXGEN brings state-of-the-art, national-level, cyber protection techniques to you, the most highly targeted persons and businesses.

The COURSE Virtual Reality Training platform provides an affordable entry to simulation-based instruction by using video game content modules that operate on easily attainable hardware.



SIXGEN is a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization (RPO). Our Registered Practitioners are cyber experts and integrators.

  • Know the constructs of the CMMC standards

  • Offer consulting advice and implementation services to organizations seeking compliance

  • Work in agreement with the CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct

Defensive and offensive cyber capabilities allow us to detect & respond to adversary actions, often before they strike.