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Incident Response Remediation (IRR)

Hackers are planning their attacks today.
Prepare your response now.

About Incident Response 

If your organization falls victim to a security breach, there may be an issue that goes beyond scratching the surface. Security breaches occur more frequently than you may think and it is important for your organization to take the right steps to address the aftermath of the incident and develop a plan to limit future damage at a reduced time and cost.


Are You At Risk?

When it comes to hackers, they have one goal - to steal sensitive information quickly and effectively. SIXGEN supports and protects companies in all industries, including:

  • Aerospace

  • Agriculture

  • Chemical

  • Construction

  • Defense

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Financial

  • Food

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

Get Your Organization Back in Business

If your organization has been breached, SIXGEN will take proper steps and determine tactics to remediate the breach as well as provide solutions and proactive measures to prevent the attack from occurring again. 


A breach to your organization is inevitable; it is not a matter of if  you get hacked, but when. To ensure your organization is ready, SIXGEN developed an Incident Response Retainer Program consisting of three different options, IRR Premier, IRR Plus, and IRR Custom, to meet the needs of your organization. 

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What to Look For 

Security breaches can occur in many different ways. Some of the most popular types of breaches include ransomware attacks, stolen information, phishing, malware and password guessing.


What is the IRR Program?

Understanding your company's IT structure can be difficult. SIXGEN develops a solid understanding up front and can respond to an incident more quickly to begin corrective actions. SIXGEN has a unique and persistent approach to rapid responses to an incident with operators who have immediate access to your network; minimizing the threat by deploying the quickest, most efficient remediation strategy.

As part of the IRR Program, SIXGEN will provide comprehensive incident response activities for IRR clients consisting of preparation; detection and analysis; containment, eradication and recovery; and post incident reporting based on your organization's specific needs. By developing a solid understanding of your IT infrastructure up front, SIXGEN can respond to an incident more quickly and begin corrective actions.

IRR Program Benefits

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  • Highly Experienced Engineers

  • Detailed and Discrete Response Team

  • Fast Response Times

  • Full Network Assessments

  • Proven & Organized Approach Limit

  • Limits Damage

  • Reduces Recovery Time & Cost


Success Story

“In the age of advanced cyber actors you need your own advanced
cyber defenders who can quickly act to defend your network”

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