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SIXGEN Acquires Fourcast Management & Analysis, Inc.

05 July 2022

Annapolis, MD, June 30, 2022 - SixGen, Inc. (SIXGEN), a Maryland-based cybersecurity services and products company completed its acquisition of Fourcast Management & Analysis, Inc. (Fourcast), a Maryland based technology management consulting company.

Fourcast provides advisory services and skills in executive strategic program management, systems engineering, cost estimation and budgeting execution to deliver substantial engineering and information system development efforts.

"SIXGEN is pleased to welcome Fourcast to our services delivery organization. We are excited about the opportunities on the horizon due to the strength of this partnership. This acquisition will enable the growth of our company employees through diversified opportunities. Fourcast's capabilities in technology management and advisory will help to underpin our company growth in professional services for US Government contracts."

-Ethan Dietrich, CEO of SIXGEN

Adding Fourcast Management & Analysis to SIXGEN provides complimentary services alignment including program management, support, oversight, and cost estimation.

"We at Fourcast are excited to merge with the SIXGEN team. We view this as an opportunity to enhance services to customers, providing the highest quality, performance and dedication to surpass their expectations."

-William Ring, CEO of Fourcast


SIXGEN provides world-class cybersecurity services and products to protect government organizations and commercial industries. Our highly skilled operators conduct research and assessments based on real-world threats. We emulate global adversaries and malicious actors to report detailed and actionable findings on critical assets and infrastructures. Using innovative processes, tools, and advanced techniques, we predict and overcome cybersecurity vulnerabilities. SIXGEN prioritizes security best practice, customer requirements and privacy, and overall mission impact.

For more information on SIXGEN's services and products, contact us here .


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