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COURSE Virtual Reality Platform Increases Retention and Brings Operational Realism to Cyber Training

SIXGEN, a Maryland-based, full-spectrum cybersecurity company, recently released its Cognitive Outcomes Utilizing Retention-based Simulation Engine (COURSE) to the growing Virtual Reality (VR) Training market. This next-generation content delivery method uses Virtual and Augmented Reality to replicate true to life operational scenarios, while integrating learning resources that allow exploratory and multidisciplinary study. SIXGEN aims to meet the goals of “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure” issued by President Trump in May 2017 by bringing this mobile, accessible, realistic, and high cognitive retention platform to market, thereby creating a sustainable training pipeline for cyber operators.

When compared with traditional classroom or computer-based training, COURSE offers 500% increased retention and skills attainment for learners. Backed by the study and findings of Resilient Cognitive Solutions, COURSE implements the Cognitive Learning Framework (CLF), a 9 tenet learning theory that is proven to increase:

  • Retention

  • Skill Transfer

  • Understanding

  • Performance Speed

  • Performance Accuracy

Together, these principles work to ensure our growing cyber workforce and capabilities are ready to protect and defend critical networks and infrastructure.

“At SIXGEN, we’re providing the tools to help our customers train and maintain an operations-ready cyber workforce,” said Ethan Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer, SIXGEN. “Organizations that are just beginning their VR training journey can use COURSE to easily integrate existing training presentations, CAD diagrams, video, and audio, and then over time, build out true-to-life scenes in virtual reality that simulate variable field conditions. Our modular implementation and hardware-agnostic approach makes the move to VR about what is best for an organization’s learners in cybersecurity, in a way that does not have to be cost prohibitive up front. As the birthplace of the Internet, we want the world’s best cyber operators here in the US. Currently, the training pipeline cannot meet the staffing needs in cyber to accomplish our missions. COURSE will allow us to scale and deliver training in a way that grows our cyber force and builds their knowledge base.” COURSE currently features a virtual classroom, vehicle/aircraft hangar, a lab, and operational settings. Within these virtual landscapes, COURSE offers:

  • High Quality (4K) Image Rendering

  • Immersive 360-degree Video

  • Virtual Reality Capability

  • Automated CAD Model Ingest and Environment Placement

  • Layered Information Complexity for Drill-down

  • Progress Path for Skills Attainment

  • Surround Sound Digital Audio

  • Embedded Quiz Engine and Metrics Display

  • Text to Speech

  • Instructor-Performed Rapid Content Update Interface

  • Hardware Performance Metrics Interface

COURSE complements SIXGEN’s cybersecurity services model. The veteran-owned company is owned and overseen by a team with over 30 years of experience as Senior Advisor for DoD and interagency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to include 18 years of exemplary service in the Intelligence Community (IC), and US Army service during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. SIXGEN serves the US Government, Department of Defense, businesses, and individuals in cyber hunt, penetration testing, red teaming, incident response, personal information and reputation recovery. This experience brings unmatched realism to the COURSE training environment, expedites module development through subject matter expert involvement, and underscores SIXGEN’s mission to support an operations-ready cyber workforce.

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SIXGEN is driving the movement to bring National-level cybersecurity services to businesses and persons at all levels and proposes task forces to improve cooperation between local, state, and federal authorities in reporting cybercrime. SIXGEN is revolutionizing cybersecurity training and service models. As a full-spectrum cyber company, SIXGEN provides services and cutting edge products related to: Offensive and Defensive Cyber operations planning and mission support; Red teaming, threat emulation, and OPFOR support; Exercise planning and Wargaming; Cyber range development and design; Cyber software development; Data suppression and removal; and Virtual Reality Cybersecurity training. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, SIXGEN is a veteran-owned small business supporting the US Government and individuals as they protect and secure critical data and infrastructures. Learn more at

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