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SIXGEN to Propose Maryland Cybersecurity Center to Improve Reporting and Prosecution of Cyber Crimes

Ethan Dietrich, CEO of SIXGEN, a Maryland-based, full-spectrum cybersecurity company, is proposing legislative changes to bring cybersecurity to the most vulnerable and least supported persons and businesses in Maryland. Increasingly, cybercriminals are targeting and exploiting high net-worth individuals, family offices, and small businesses. Despite this, most cybercrimes in Maryland that result in less than $100K in damages per year are never investigated. In all, thousands of unreported cases occur and are absorbed via financial institutions, credit card companies, individuals and other forms of creditors and online e-commerce retailers.

“National-level cyber response teams and law enforcement do not have the staffing or bandwidth to pursue cases such as these, resulting in over 1,200 unsolved cases per year,” said Ethan Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer, SIXGEN. Mr. Dietrich is planning to address the need for cyber professionals, law enforcement collaboration, and jurisdictional modifications in a two-part effort to secure cyber infrastructure and networks. "Our goal is to increase the number of cases reported and the total of funds recovered, while working with law enforcement to escalate and correlate breaches at this level. Ultimately, we want to provide coverage to what are effectively the most vulnerable businesses and persons in the state."

SIXGEN’s two-part plan includes a Maryland Cybersecurity Center, designed to respond to cybersecurity breaches that are not pursued at the Federal level. His company, SixGen, is already providing planning, detection, response, and recovery services to high net-worth individuals through their 360 Cyber Protection program. Together, these services aim to cover highly targeted, but infrequently supported victims of cybercrime.

The Maryland Cybersecurity Center and 360° Cyber Protection services complement SIXGEN’s cybersecurity services model. The veteran-owned company is owned and overseen by a team with over 30 years of experience as Senior Advisor for DoD and interagency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to include 18 years of exemplary service in the Intelligence Community (IC), and US Army service during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. SIXGEN serves the US Government, Department of Defense, businesses, and individuals in cyber hunt, penetration testing, red teaming, incident response, personal information and reputation recovery. As a licensed private investigator, SIXGEN is uniquely positioned to bridge gaps in jurisdiction and escalate security breaches to National authorities.

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SIXGEN is driving the movement to bring National-level cybersecurity services to businesses and persons at all levels and proposes task forces to improve cooperation between local, state, and federal authorities in reporting cybercrime. SIXGEN is revolutionizing cybersecurity training and service models. As a full-spectrum cyber company, SIXGEN provides services and cutting edge products related to: Offensive and Defensive Cyber operations planning and mission support; Red teaming, threat emulation, and OPFOR support; Exercise planning and Wargaming; Cyber range development and design; Cyber software development; Data suppression and removal; and Virtual Reality Cybersecurity training. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, SIXGEN is a veteran-owned small business supporting the US Government and individuals as they protect and secure critical data and infrastructures. Learn more at

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