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SIXGEN is Awarded GSA HACS for Penetration Testing, Cyber Hunt, Incident Response, and Risk and Vuln

SIXGEN Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services

SIXGEN, a full-spectrum cyber solutions company, has added HIghly Adaptive Cyber SINs (HACS) to GSA IT Schedule 70 contract 47QTCA18D0019. As a pre-vetted HACS vendor, SIXGEN has achieved recognition as an HVA, or “High Value Asset” Cyber provider. Through a practical assessment in four key areas, SIXGEN has been identified as being capable and valuable in providing professional services including Penetration Testing, Cyber Hunt, Incident Response, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA), System Architecture Review (SAR) and System Security Engineering (SSE). SIXGEN is equipped to support Federal, State and Local agencies usig large complex network and data systems to maintain and manage varying types of data and information, including those that may hold sensitive information critical to national and economic security.

This vehicle is important for Government customers who may experience cybersecurity incidents and on-going emerging threats to data, networks, and systems. By utilizing GSA, SIXGEN can ensure fair and reasonable pricing for expert level professional services. In doing so, we remain committed to ensuring long-term security, responsiveness, and efficiency when it comes to monitoring and protecting valuable digital assets and IT systems.

This service offering complements SIXGEN's existing IT Professional Services contract. SIXGEN's HACS service portfolio on IT Schedule 70 consists of four Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • Penetration Testing | 132-45A

  • Incident Response | 132-45B

  • Cyber Hunt | 132-45C

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment | 132-45D

How to Purchase Advanced Cyber Services through GSA

1. Register for E-buy/GSA Advantage

E-buy is the online portal you will use to initiate your request for services and accept a vendor response. If you need E-Buy assistance, please contact Brian Dunn or John Abel

3. Generate a Request for Quote (RFQ) in E-Buy

Prepare and Submit your RFQ in E-Buy. Use your Login Credentials and Log in as a “Buyer”. Create a new Request for Quote (RFQ) in the SINs that allign with your requirements (132-45A, 132-45B, 132-45C, 132-45D)

4. Select a Responsive Vendor to Provide Services

When you receive a quote that meets your mission need, you may accept it and close the RFQ.

5. Start Doing Business

Initiate contract, payment schedules and start doing business with your selected vendor.

Additional Resources for interested buyers including SOW templates and other helpful items can be found on the GSA Acquisition page.

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