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SIXGEN Supports Family Cyber Safety via Child Protection Task Force

As social media, gaming, and online interactions expand to users of all ages, so do the dangers associated with the use of such technologies. Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to cyberbullying, privacy/information breaches, and predatory behavior initiated and carried out in cyberspace. In today’s world of online predators, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking, it is imperative that parents and teachers become educated and remain vigilant when it comes to their children’s online activities. Education, awareness, and open dialog within families and communities are key components to this effort, but they are merely the beginning of comprehensive strategies required to both protect youth and to ultimately bring highly evasive cybercriminals to justice.

Inspired by his role as a father of children growing up in the Internet age, as well as his background in law enforcement, Kevin Metcalf, a deputy prosecuting attorney for Washington County, has been engaged in the mission of pursuing cybercriminals for decades. Working either independently or with small groups of experts and with little to no funding, Kevin works to identify gaps left by traditional law enforcement policies and practices, to make connections and develop relationships. These precise and targeted methods shape favorable outcomes by providing cyber-support for traditional investigations. As such, he has assisted in the recovery of several teenagers taken by sexual predators.

Ever active in his role of finding, pursuing, and prosecuting cybercriminals, Kevin recently founded the Child Protection Task Force, a non-profit organization. The Child Protection Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary team of volunteers whose help has led to the recovery of children from sexual exploitation and the identification and arrest of sexual predators across the country. By working as a non-profit organization, this small team will be able to scale their efforts, bringing affordable training to law enforcement officers and officials and increase awareness of cybersecurity investigation practices at a broader scale. The first of these training events will be held June 3-7 in Fayetteville, AR. The multi-day training for law enforcement will include a series of presentations, break-out sessions, and scenario-based instruction.

SIXGEN has recently donated to support the Child Protection Task Force and its mission. This mission closely aligns with SIXGEN values and enterprise expertise. SIXGEN is committed to furthering cybersecurity practices in law enforcement here in Maryland through active engagement in the Maryland Electronic Crimes Task Force by offering over ten hours of pro bono cybersecurity training to local law enforcement.

Please consider donating to this important organization via the Child Protection Task Force Go Fund Me page.

Article updated on Jan 29, 2019 to include training registration link.



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