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Ethan Dietrich, CEO Named 2019 DCA CyberStar

The Washington, DC region is home to dozens of companies engaging in National missions, innovating technologies, and solving some of the biggest issues facing our Federal government, National security, small businesses, and consumers.

DCA LIVE recently compiled a list of 40 individuals from the “cyber growth” community – the founders, investors, executives and connectors who are driving growth in our cyber industry. We are excited to announce that Ethan Dietrich, SIXGEN CEO, has been included on this year's list. Nominated by leaders from the local tech community and selected because of the positive difference he has made, Ethan will represent SIXGEN as a 2019 DCA CyberStar.

In accepting this award, Ethan has shown that there is a lot on his mind about the forward motion of SIXGEN and our important mission in cybersecurity. What is you power lunch spot? Recruiter's Office or Accountant's Office

If you could have any non-tech/finance job, what would it be? Dog Rescuer

What problems is your company trying to solve? Custom Red Team Operations for emerging high impact technologies (i.e. Blockchain, IOT, 5G)

What cyber issues should keep Americans up at night? Security of every day technologies you rely on for safety and communications

There is a lot that goes into running a cybersecurity firm and creating an engaging workplace for cyber talent. We are happy to report that Ethan is doing it right. Interested in joining DCA Live to honor some of the great stars of the DC region’s high growth cyber community? Purchase your ticket to enjoy an open bar, great food, and a chance to meet dozens of leaders from DC's cyber and tech community.

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