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SIXGEN Summer Interns Receive Career and Financial Guidance

On August 21, 2019, Mr. Phil Gardner spoke with SIXGEN’s summer interns about US Federal Government employment options, benefits, opportunities, and financial planning. Mr. Gardner, a retired Human Resources Specialist with 40 years of civil service to the Office of Personnel Management, gives his time free of charge to offer help to the community and to guide future generations. His comprehensive session gave attendees an honest look at alternatives to four-year college education after high school graduation including trades, military service, and community college. In addition, he covered available investment options for young adults to see them through their futures. The interns expressed interest and gratitude over the guiding session.

Mr. Phil Garner guides SIXGEN summer interns in career choices and financial savings

Mr. Phil Garner, Lisa-Nicole, Evelyn, and Lile (pictured left to right above) discuss future planning and career options at SIXGEN Headquarters in Annapolis, MD.

“I thought it was good to hear what he [Mr. Gardner] had to say on saving money now as opposed to later in life to be more financially prepared.”

“Mr. Gardner's views on the options for students after high school were really interesting. It's not often encouraged to pursue the military, community college, or go straight into a career over the four year university experience.”

“Mr. Gardner provided a valuable insight into financial choices we will have to make in the near future. It was very helpful to be given more information about preparing financially for the future.”

SIXGEN would like to thank Mr. Gardner for his time and pursuit of his valuable mission to guide a diverse and financially fit generation in those newly entering the workforce.

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