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How to Stand Out in the Cyber Industry


With data breaches and cyber-crime continuing to increase and advance, cybersecurity jobs and careers are on the rise. As part of SixGen’s mission we provide world-class teams of operators and engineers to defeat global challenges. We are always looking for new talent and have some tips and tricks to help you and your skillsets stand out.


Not every job requires certification(s), however they are a bonus when looking for a new job in the cyber industry. These certifications will only help when looking for a role and will enhance your skillsets to the recruiter. During the interview process, we may find a qualified candidate we are excited about, who still needs to complete one of the required certifications and in some instances, we move them forward in the interview process, and will help them obtain the certification as a new hire. Certifications can also be a benefit for yourself because you can use it as a point of negotiation, as companies place high value on these skillsets. Certifications can not only make you seem more appealing to the recruiter, but they can also improve your skills and allow you to wear different “hats” within your role.


Certifications can be a bonus when applying for jobs, however, industry experience is essential! Industry experience shows that you not only know how to “talk the talk”, but you can also “walk the walk”. Having months or years under your belt in a real cyber environment can set you apart between getting the job for a “senior” role vs “junior” role, which could mean some extra dollars in your pocket.

Cyber Related Hobbies

To add to your real-world experience, cyber related hobbies are an out of the box way to stand out when searching for a job. Participating in competitions, taking classes, and even reading books related to your field and interest of choice shows that you are passionate and willing to put in the work to be successful and knowledgeable. This can be a very redeemable quality when it comes to recruiters and finding the right fit for the role they are looking for.

There are plenty of cyber jobs available and finding the right fit for you may take some time. These tips and tricks can help you stand out amongst the great talent within the industry. If you are interested in joining our team at SixGen, check out what roles we have for you at .


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