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SIXGEN and Capitol Technology University to Offer Specialized Offensive Cybersecurity PhD Program

20 October 2022

Annapolis, MD: SIXGEN, a Maryland-based, full-spectrum cybersecurity company, partnered with Capitol Technology University (CapTech), a premier STEM focused University, to customize a specialized offensive Cybersecurity PhD Program offering available to individuals seeking advanced cybersecurity education opportunities. This program builds upon SIXGEN’s continued commitment to investment in reskilling and upskilling of cybersecurity professionals to grow talent resources needed to support national missions in and across the National Capital Region.

The PhD program was inspired by SIXGEN employees interested in advancing their knowledge and education in specialized cybersecurity fields that reflect their areas of expertise. SIXGEN and Capitol Technology Institute decided to partner together to offer a custom Offensive Cyber Engineering PhD program, to bring the latest in cybersecurity education to a previously underserved cohort of students. This program will encourage and support individuals who lead in the field as they combat cyber attacks that threaten public safety by facing them head on. The PhD program has been approved and will be available for public enrollment in January of 2023.

Ethan Dietrich, SIXGEN CEO stated:

“SIXGEN is very excited for this opportunity to shape the future of offensive cybersecurity and already has nearly a dozen employees eager to get started.”

About SixGen

SIXGEN provides world-class cybersecurity services and products to protect government organizations and commercial industries. Our highly skilled operators conduct research and assessments based on real-world threats. We emulate global adversaries and malicious actors to report detailed and actionable findings on critical assets and infrastructures. Using innovative processes, tools, and advanced techniques, we predict and overcome cybersecurity vulnerabilities. SIXGEN prioritizes security best practice, customer requirements and privacy, and overall mission impact.


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