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SIXGEN Returns with a Black Badge, What's Next?

DEFCON, the largest hacking and security conference in the world, hosted its 30th gathering on August 11th-15th. SIXGEN sent a team of 13 operators to compete in CTF challenges that were created based on different cyber skill sets and abilities. SIXGEN’s team placed 6th overall in the Red Team Village (RTV) CTF and one of SIXGEN’s operators won the Black Badge in the Social Engineering Vhishing Challenge.

The RTV CTF challenge was based on red teaming and offensive cyber security skills and techniques. There were over 150 teams from around the globe that participated, with SIXGEN solidifying their name amongst the best by finishing 6th overall. The Social Engineering Vishing Challenge was a competition between 16 teams to see who could score the most points from a combination of cold calls on site and OSINT reports completed weeks prior. SIXGEN was able to secure the Black Badge by taking home 1st place overall in the challenge.

Competing aside, SIXGEN sponsored and hosted its own 3 stage challenge in the Internet of Things (IoT) Village. This challenge, named SIXGEN STRATA, encompassed technologies from different eras to create a fun, prize-filled event experience. In this unique challenge, participants had to test their skills from bluetooth lock hacking, binary exploitation over wifi, to drone flying in order to receive multi-level prizes. Hundreds competed, with only 30 making it to the end!

Whats Next?

SIXGEN will be at the National Cyber Summit in Huntsville, AL, hosting the Cyber Cup Challenge CTF on September 21-22. This custom created Cyber Cup Challenge is built for individuals of all levels to participate and put their skills to the test, with top performers able to win cash prizes and rewards! If you would like a chance to compete, visit the Cyber Cup Challenge to register today.


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