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RAVEN Upgrades GPUs Based on Nvidia's Latest Architecture

[Annapolis, MD, August 2022] SIXGEN has upgraded the Remote Access Vulnerability Exploitation Node (RAVEN) platform for offensive and defensive cyber operations by taking advantage of Nvidia’s latest GPU architecture, Ampere. RAVEN is a mobile, centralized server with an attack, hunt and analytic platform designed by cyber operations experts. In addition to the dual-24 Intel Xeon processors, up to 1.8 Terabytes (TB) of RAM and 30 Terabytes (TB) of NVME Solid State storage, RAVEN now integrates four (4) Nvidia A30 Tensor Core GPUs.

The Nvidia A30 GPUs are based on Nvidia's latest GPU architecture, Ampere. The integration of the Nvidia A30 GPUs into RAVEN provides users with a 35-45% increase in performance for password cracking and AI/ML workloads while consuming 45% less power than RAVEN's previous Nvidia V100 Volta based GPUs. All newly purchased RAVEN hardware will be shipped to new customers with the upgraded GPUs integrated.

RAVEN’s new architecture will continue to prove itself as a powerhouse product in the industry. For more information on RAVEN, or if you would like to schedule a live demo to see how the product can help your organization, contact us at


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