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SIXGEN Supports Mission with Deployment of the CRACKIN Password Cracking and Recovery System

SIXGEN, a Maryland-based cybersecurity company, recently released the CRACKIN password cracking and recovery system. CRACKIN is designed to provide dedicated password cracking services to customers. CRACKIN’s open-air frame hardware platform offers an easy to use, remotely accessible web-interface to implement and manage password cracking operations. The web interface supports multiple users and places system management in the hands of customers. Command-line access is offered to the customer via SSH or SSH over HTML5. Utilizing six (6) Nvidia GeForce RTX-3090 GPUs, CRACKIN takes advantage of Nvidia's latest and most powerful GPU architecture, Ampere.

Password cracking is a common requirement for any team performing network operations.

The ability to quickly recover a password from a collected hash can be the difference between a successful or failed operation. Of the need for product innovation, Erik Hunstad, SIXGEN CTO and CRACKIN Architect, offers “Historically, there have been two major options to perform password cracking operations; build and maintain a system using internal resources or offload operations to an expensive cloud based infrastructure. Maintaining a system internally is cumbersome and requires manpower/resources that are both expensive and could be better used on mission operations. Utilizing cloud based services is also less than ideal and involves sending potentially sensitive information to a third-party. The hourly rates associated with those services quickly add up to a significant operating cost. CRACKIN is a cost-effective solution that is based on ease-of-use and is designed to eliminate the resource requirements of maintaining an internal system”.

CRACKIN features include:

  • Standalone hardware dedicated to customer use

  • Remotely accessible Web UI with multi-user support based on a robust and actively supported open-source platform

  • Command line interface also available via SSH

  • Complete hashcat session management

  • Start/stop/pause/restore running sessions

  • Terminate cracking jobs after a specific date/time

  • Web interface for mask generation (?a?l?u)

  • Web Push notifications when a password is cracked

  • Create wordlists from previously cracked passwords and feed back into the cracking session

  • Session history to track which attacks previously performed

CRACKIN plays a significant role in SIXGEN’s cybersecurity products and services offering. SIXGEN serves Federal, State, and local Government organizations and commercial businesses with cyber resilience testing including red team/penetration tests, device and IoT product testing, Incident Response, data science, and compliance consulting services. SIXGEN’s subject matter expertise in cyber offense is used to develop and deliver cybersecurity training which underscores SIXGEN’s mission to support an operations-ready cyber workforce.

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