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SIXGEN Provides Cybersecurity Assessments for the Manufacturing Industry

As manufacturing organizations continue to expand the use of smart technologies in their products, the importance of implementing effective cybersecurity solutions to protect IoT devices grows. Manufacturers need to bring the convenience and efficiencies of IoT-enabled devices to market, but they also risk damage to reputation should any of those devices carry inherent risks upon product release. SIXGEN IoT device assessments are provided as an extension of the device manufacturing lifecycle to provide cybersecurity expertise within the manufacturing framework.

SIXGEN routinely works closely with manufacturers to provide assurance around the security posture of devices in production prior to release to market. Internet of Things penetration testing services provide a valuable way to assess the security levels of a given device. SIXGEN has experience in IoT device testing and assurance for manufacturers of:

  • Products with Smart technology for domestic use

  • Products with Smart technology for industrial use

  • Connections for utilities

  • Smart devices within transportation

In addition to device testing, SIXGEN provides network penetration tests to manufacturers. Manufacturers must keep their production lines running efficiently to remain profitable. Far too many manufacturing organizations lack a fully realized cybersecurity plan and effective monitoring strategy to sufficiently protect infrastructure. The financial impact of a cyberattack is most often crippling. To adequately protect an organization, cybersecurity initiatives must always be a “top of mind” initiative for every manufacturer. In response to the potential damage of a cyber attack, large manufacturers are adding cyber team leaders to the Board of Directors. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future as corporations begin to fully realize the importance of a high-level cyber security strategy.

SIXGEN has cracked the code on meaningful and innovative ways to support the cyber mission. The Annapolis, MD-based company's workforce provides incident response, operational testing, red teaming, tool development, and continuous monitoring. Specialized on-site and remote cybersecurity assessments are used to identify vulnerabilities within the most critical networks and IoT devices. SIXGEN leads cybersecurity innovation in product development by designing and evolving highly specialized hardware and software focused on endpoint hardening, red team, data science, and threat intelligence missions. When it comes to mission, SIXGEN cyber operators take pride in their work and the resulting enhanced cybersecurity posture for customers around the globe.


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